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The horse is one of the most beautiful, complete and noble animals that exist and its acquisition is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

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We are the portal that connects you with breeders throughout Argentina. We seek to facilitate contact and communication between professionals in the equestrian sector and those interested in acquiring competition horses. Do you want to acquire one or several horses, but have not yet found the horse of your dreams? We help you!


Ricardo Hoogstra

CEO and founder of Jumping Horse Argentina

You are in the right place to find the right horse.

Are you looking for the right horse? Do you want to sell your horse to the right person? We are your best alternative!

The combination of our love for show jumping horses and the opportunities offered by the Internet invites us to create a new experience in the traditional equestrian world. That's why since Jumping Horse Argentina we want to connect people who share a passion for horses around the world. 

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We want to make known the capacity that the Argentine Republic has in the production, training and commercialization of jumping horses.

We are clear that buying and selling horses is a matter of trust.

Therefore, all our efforts and actions will be directed towards generating an environment of mutual trust and benefit.

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Passion and commitment for jumping horses

It does not matter if it is an agile jumping horse or a very well-trained docile dressage horse, on our website you will find specimens of all classes and disciplines. If you want to buy your horse Jumping Horse Argentina, provides you with great opportunities.

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