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What do we do?

Our services

We want to position ourselves as your best alternative in the Argentine horse market

Advice and consultancy

We are the link between breeders and clients. Based on the client's specifications, we look for the ideal horse.

Selection of the best horses

We have a detailed history of the best Argentine horses.


If you do not find the ideal horse on our website, we will take care of finding the right one for you.

About us

Counseling of Pablo Giovine

Pablo began his horse racing career at the General San Martín Horse Riding Activities Center in 1980 and continued his career working for various professionals in the field.

In 2002 he began his career as a jockey trainer, he discovered his ability to create athletes with results. From its inception to today, it has managed to place students on all the podiums of the National and zonal championships.

To obtain these results, Pablo became involved in the permanent scouting of products with the necessary qualities for each type of student. This difficult task involves precision when filtering the offer offered by horse sellers and choosing the right product for each student to form a winning pair.

In the case of not having a product that does not fit your needs, we offer a scouting service.


Paul Giovine

Consulting and Scouting

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